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Food Truck Leasing

Avalon Foods’ Food Truck leasing service allows you to independently operate your own catering business.
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We offer food trucks and trailers for lease available in different styles and sizes

Food truck business is a venture that is continuously flourishing, thanks to the strong and positive customer feedback it has been receiving. In fact, in 2009, the warm reception given to gourmet mobile food trucks led to the rise of more food truck ventures in the following years.

At present, the demand for more original, fresh, and cutting edge food concepts makes this particular industry a real challenge to take on. As such, with the assistance of Avalon Foods, we help convert challenging customer demands into opportunities to strategize your marketing plans and help you introduce your up-and-coming food venture more effectively.

The world of catering and food truck business has dramatically changed in the last few years, and now is your time to seize the chance to grow your own competitive business. By helping you start your own food truck enterprise, you become the boss of your own company and you are also given the freedom to customize your own menu and choose your office hours.
Check out the full scale of our Food Service assistance!

Our Food Service Package Includes

24-hour Security and Surveillance

We ensure that your products and all the supplies you need for your food business is kept secure at all times.

Competitive Product Pricing

Unlike our top competitors, our services are offered at affordable rates that fit well with your budget.

Electricity, Ice, and Water Supply

The freshness of your food products, kitchen utensils, and machinery are sustained thanks to our continuous supply of clean water, ice, and electricity.

Garbage and Grease Disposal

Our garbage and grease disposal systems ensure that sanitation and safety is practiced and maintained.

On-Call Mechanics

Should your facilities need repairing, we have mechanics on standby to help fix any damage on the facilities or equipment being used.

Permit and Licensing Assistance

For your business’ permit and licensing needs, we help you in processing the necessary documents so you can get started with running your own food venture.

Got your own restaurant?

Avalon Foods’ food truck lease service provides your establishment with a more competitive edge. Our food truck helps add a mobile joint to your restaurant, thus, helping you gain more customers across different areas.
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